About Aminah

About Aminah

Hi everyone and welcome to my Fitness Apparel website. Fitness has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Over the years I have purchased numerous types of workout clothing and always tried to find the best fit for me.

Finding the perfect type of fitness clothing was sometimes difficult to find and differentiate due to the different types of categories in fitness.

As most of you know, there’s a variety of different types of athletic clothing for certain workouts like cycling, weightlifting, running and even yoga. Depending on what exercise you choose to perform there are different types of apparel that coincide to that specific category of fitness that helps reach your full potential.


Growing up I did gymnastics for 8 years before I got into the real aspects of fitness. The sportswear I wore for gymnastics was obviously much more different from the standard active wear. I wore leotards and cotton tights every time I went to practice which is clearly not what you need for a normal physical activity.

Gymnastics was all I knew and after sustaining multiple detrimental injuries I had to stop. When I was finally healthy enough to do normal exercises I wasn’t equipped with the right clothing. I had a few pairs of leggings and T-shirts, but wearing those clothes surely didn’t make me comfortable. One time I was doing this complex workout with weights and in the middle of the workout, my tights tore. I was unbelievably embarrassed and never ever wanted to go back to the gym again. My tights tore because it wasn’t the right material to work out in which is a huge mistake many people make.

After that incident, I decided to do my research and I at last found the proper workout apparel with the right material. I was never embarrassed again, felt more comfortable than ever and performed much more smoothly throughout my workouts.



Some people think that investing your money in proper fitness apparel is a waste of money. However, when you spend your money on it and its affordable and trustworthy, the longevity of the clothes itself is much longer and is far more comfortable. And of course, the material will never let you down by ripping.

The purpose of this website Fitness Apparel is to equip and prepare people with the right clothing to work out in. Once you make this investment, which isn’t a lot of money, you’ll be content, happy and comfortable with the athletic attire that you wear. We want our website to guide you to make the right decisions about your fitness life.

All the best,


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