Back Posture Correctors-The Inside Aspects

As the world has moved everything online, especially during this pandemic, the chances are that you’re sitting on a computer all day with your back slouched most definitely without your core being engaged. Though its not one of the hottest topics talked about, it needs to be addressed. According to the National Institute of Health, more than 80% of Americans suffer from back pain in their lifetime, all stemming from poor back posture. Many don’t realize how long they’re sitting in this slouchy position and the detrimental effects on your health if not fixed.

Not to scare you, but some adverse health effects of a slouched posture could lead to are poor circulation, lack of energy, misaligned spin, poor digestion, impaired lung function, increased stress, lack of motivation, constricted nerves, soreness, pain, fatigue, and tension in the back shoulders and neck which could lead to chronic pain. I know I probably scared you, but sometimes the most significant problems have the simplest solutions. Every negative thing I mentioned can easily be fixed by sitting upright and correcting your posture. It may seem easy to remember to sit up tall with your core engaged; however, sometimes our body doesn’t react to what our mind is telling us to do. Not to worry, there’s an easy fix. You can efficiently train yourself by wearing back posture correctors that will cue you to sit up straight! It acts as a constant reminder that will train your brain to create a new habit.

What Exactly Is A Posture Corrector?

It’s just as it sounds. A posture corrector is a device that alerts or holds your back up in a fixed upright position, making it impossible to slouch. There are two main types that people use, a brace and smart posture correctors.

-Back Brace: This device acts as a girdle or corset for your back that holds it up vertically, conditioning your muscles to stay that way. It develops good posture by pulling your back muscles into a neutral natural position. It can get very uncomfortable if you wear it for long periods, so its recommended to wear it 20-30 minutes a day. Price: $19.99

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-Smart Posture trainers: This device takes a more technical approach to posture correction. Unlike the brace that forcibly pulls your muscles upright, this device is placed on your upper back, discharging a discreet vibration anytime it detects slouching, reminding you to sit up properly. This device is more of a mind to muscle connection trainer dissimilar to the brace. It’s an effective notifier that will create long-lasting habits in no time. Price: $80

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How to determine Which posture Corrector is right for you

When finding which Posture Corrector is best for you, there are a few criteria that you should follow.

#1 They Should fully activate your muscles: Just because the brace holds you back upright doesn’t mean you’re conditioning your muscles. Many professionals recommend purchasing a soft brace that reminds the body of the postural muscles.

#2 Comfort: By far, the most important thing is how comfortable you are wearing these devices. Even if the device says its effective, but it brings you discomfort, it not sufficient for you.

#3 Fits your muscular needs: There are various posture correctors that support your lower back, neck, and entire upper body all together or a targeted muscle. BE sure to choose one that fits your needs and aims at the muscles you need the most help on.

Health Benefits of Good Posture

Boost Energy Levels: The way you hold your body up affects how energized you’ll be. This is because the alignment of the spine directly affects the amount of energy your body will produce. This means the more lengthened your spine is, the more energized you’ll feel and vice versa.

Prevent injuries and reduces stress on ligaments: By keeping your spine in proper alignment, this prevents abnormal positions from forming, decreasing the battering stress on joint surfaces. Your body can then maintain its energy when doing vigorous exercises hence avoiding the risk of injury.

Relieves pain: Standing or sitting in a slouched position for an extended period emits much pressure on the spine’s posterior structures. However, when you have good posture, this reduces the stress on the spine then taking away the pain.

Cultivates proper form when exercising: Good posture helps minimize muscle strain, which will naturally encourage your body to maintain proper form when exercising in different positions.

Facilitates and improves your breathing: Slouching can actually constrict your airways. Maintaining a straight back opens up your airways, permitting more room for your lungs to expand. This then allows more oxygen to enter your bloodstream, improving and keeping your body healthy.

Reduces Stress: Proper alignment in the spine encourages your body to produce less stress hormone cortisol.

Improves Circulations and digestion: Proper posture naturally increases blood flow to and from the heart. Additionally, Sitting upright alleviates stomach pain related to reflux, in the view that slouching encourages the food to back up to our stomach.

Elongates your upper body: Sitting upright naturally elongates your spine, but it also gives you a taller appearance.

Boost Self-confidence: Great posture correlates with confidence. Have you ever seen a successful person slouched over? You probably haven’t because psychologically, confidence is seen physically with your body posture and language. So sitting upright will make you look and feel like you know what you’re doing.

Average Price 

The price for back posture correctors can range from $20-$100 depending on how much more tech is involved.

Sit Tall!

I’m confident that this blog benefited and helped you understand the different benefits posture correctors offer and how it can exponentially help your health. I hope you can use this as a reference when you’re next purchasing a posture corrector. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below n the Comment section!

5 thoughts on “Back Posture Correctors-The Inside Aspects

  1. Aisha Jalali says:

    Wow, I never knew how many benefits there were from using a posture corrector. I’ll definitely be buying one soon. Thanks for sharing! Much love,


  2. Subhana says:

    Very interesting article. After reading, I’m definitely contemplating on purchasing one. However, I do have one question? Lets say that you wear the corrector almost everyday, how long do you suppose will you have to wait to see results of your body naturally sitting up straight? I hope that makes sense.

  3. Sakeena says:

    Very interesting article. After reading, I’m definitely contemplating on purchasing one. However, I do have one question? Lets say that you wear the corrector almost everyday, how long do you suppose will you have to wait to see results of your body naturally sitting up straight? I hope that makes sense.

  4. Habib says:

    Oh my word! Back posture corrector has so many benefits I did not know! I definitely need one to reduce stress, improve breathing and digestion and best of all look confident!

    I have tried one that has elasticated strips going to your back through your arms, but found it exteremly discomfortable. How comfortable is this?


    1. Aminah says:

      If the elasticated strips are uncomfortable, I would recommend the smart back posture correctors instead of the brace for you. The posture braces can become very agitating and uncomfortable for most, but others still prefer it. The smart back posture will leave you no discomfort and will merely alert you to sit up. I hope this helps!


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