Dance Apparel For Girls-What You Need to Flow

Dance, collectively, is an incredibly diverse sport that offers so many opportunities for many girls and boys. Every type of dance stems from ballet and branches off from each other. This is why this sport is so popular around the world and has much-diversified attire explicitly made for it.

The most common types of dances that are practiced are Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, and Tap. They all have many similarities, but also distinct differences that each have separate attire.


Before class commences, you’ll see many ballerinas wearing warm-ups. Warm-ups can be any type of athletic clothing. They wear it over their standard attire when stretching to warm up their muscles before their actual class starts.

The most common type of attire that every female ballerina wears is a dull-colored leotard paired with light pink tights. Most schools require ballerinas to wear pink tights, but every school is different. Based on what skills you’re practicing, many schools may also require you to wear classical pink tutus. It’s also important to remember that dance leotards are different from gymnastics leotards. They’re designed by different materials and serve different purposes.

Additionally, ballerinas wear ballet shoes, pointe shoes, or ballet slippers. Ballet shoes enable dancers to balance, hop, spin, and perform skills on the tip of their toes. Pointe shoes are lightweight and are made from satin, soft leather, and have flexible split soles.

As for recitals and performances, the school you attend is responsible for attaining that type of attire.


When it comes to hip hop dance, most people take a casual approach. Both tight and loose fitted tops like tank tops, T-shirts, and crop tops are permitted. With that, you can pair your tops with sweatpants. The overall style for hip hop is loose fitted clothes that you can comfortably move in; however, it is of your preference if you want to wear something tighter. Other dancers choose to wear shorts or new trendy HipHop pants.

As for your shoes, it is not required to have a specific brand. If you don’t already have one, find a pair of sneakers or high tops that offer ankle support as it’s essential for your joints to be stabilized when performing fast moves. However, before buying anything, just in case, go to your class first, and then see what people are wearing to give you an idea of what to purchase. It’s a bonus if you have flashy trendy hip hop shoes.

Other fun accessories to add to your attire when performing are chain necklaces, retro basketball caps, watches, and rings.


These dancers usually wear black tights with a dance leotard or unitard. However, it’s also permissible to wear tight shorts, camisoles, and fitted tops over your leotard from time to time to feel more comfortable. Your clothes need to be tight as it allows you to move through the motions more smoothly. Another type of bottom that’s permissible to wear if you’re feeling uneasy about tight clothes are jazz pants. Jazz pants are comparable to sweatpants but are tighter.

Jazz shoes come in several styles, but like ballet shoes, have full or split soles, have a hardened toe area to rise on to pointe, and come in black and tan. There are jazz sneakers, boots, and ones with and without laces.


Both tops for Modern and lyrical are primarily the same. The only difference is with Lyrical attire; it’s optional to wear a leotard. As for the tops, however, dancers wear tank tops or any comfy workout shirt. For modern dancing, they want dancers to wear loser clothes than usual,l and don’t mean baggy, but nonrestrictive. In modern dance, they want you to be as comfortable as possible. As for bottoms, shorts, sweats (For Modern only), and tights are permissible.

The Lyrical footwear that dancers wear is called foot thongs. Foot thongs are pieces of fabric and leather that contain 1-2 straps that wrap around the front of your feet. They’re usually nude-colored and are frequently used during performances to keep dancers lines clean and straight while still moderately protecting them. Shoes aren’t permissible during Modern dance, only socks if that’s your preference. These dance coaches want you to perform with your bare feet.


Tap dance is very accepting of what is permitted to wear. Any type of dancewear is acceptable. The style for tap dancing is casual. You should wear form-fitted tops and bottoms such as shirts, tights shorts, sweatpants (not the looser ones), dance pants, Capri pants, bodysuits, etc.

And of course, the attire that makes this dance, the tap shoes. The tap shoes have a tap plate near the toe and heel. The tap plates are what create tap noises. There are screws on the taps of the shoes that you can loosen or tighten that can change the sound.

Extra Dance Accessories

Water bottle: I know that it seems obvious, but there have been many times when I’ve forgotten to bring my water bottle to practice, and I was extremely dehydrated. I put this here as a reminder to always big your water to every practice!

Gym/Dance Bag: Handy to have just to keep all your necessities and gym gear stored safely. And it’s great to have a nag exclusively just for dance.

Ponytails: Having extra ponytails is VITAL for every dancer. Due to all the crazy skills they perform, many hair ties fall out and get lost. But, if you have extra, you never need to worry!

Extra leotards/Tights: It’s advantageous to have backups in case of an emergency.

Hairbrush: This is essential for all classical ballet dancers to have s it is imperative that their hair always looks presentable.

Straight to the Pointe!

I hope that you can use this as a guide for your future dance success because while it isn’t an easy sport, proper preparation and attire can go a long way in assuring that you get nothing but the best in your dance journey. I hope that you can utilize this information in helping you accomplish what you need to do to reach the top!

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  1. Habib says:

    There are so many things needed for the dance sport. I loved the way you explained the each equipment in full and easy to fallow detail. I really like ballet shoes and get fascinated how they get used during the dance.

    Thank you for the lovely post.

    All the best

    1. Aminah says:

      I’m glad that you enjoyed this post of mine! I also am very intrigued with the way ballet shoes are used. They are created to train ballerinas to dance at the tip of their toes. I wish you and your website the best!


  2. Hibah Samee says:

    It is so cool to me that the different types of dance express extremely different emotions! I like how you explain the different apparel used to create these varying emotions. Super helpful 🙂

    1. Aminah says:

      Dance is very diverse spot and I too love the different ways it expresses emotions. I’m glad that this was helpful for you! Thank you!


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