Gear for Home Fitness- Attainable Resources to Amplify your Results

With many gyms and outdoor places closed down due to coronavirus, many peoples have resulted in home athletic gear to aid in satisfying their fitness needs. Just because gyms are closed down doesn’t mean you can’t make a mini one within the space of your home! Or, let’s say in general that you’re not comfortable working out in a public place, investing in home fitness gear can replace a gym. Still, using particular tools, you’ll be able to target specific muscles, which will magnify your results.

I’m not talking about fitness machinery found in gyms. However, it’s prevalent to have some in homes; there are smaller, cheaper, accessible, and portable equipment that you can easily use that will still work out the same muscles if not even more! A small portion of them are:

Jump ropes, resistance bands, pull-up bar, dumbbells, kettlebells, mini elliptical, yoga mat, ankle/wrist weights, glute bands, yoga block, core slides,  medicine ball, foam roller, pilates ring, push up stands, and an ab wheel.

I know, a lot right! And to think that’s only a few out of hundreds of more!

Jump Ropes

Missing the treadmill and need a new form of cardio? Well, jump ropes can do just that thing! They are incredibly cheap and sold for less than $25, but they offer a constructive and effective workout. It is said that jump roping for only ten minutes a day burns up to 124 calories, and that high-intensity ten-minute jump roping is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging!


Resistance Band

Resistance bands are great for mobility exercise. They target specific muscles in yResistance-Bandsour body, and like weights; they force your body to work harder against pressure. Resistance bands offer just as good strength training like weights.  They are often used in rehab and for warming up the body before a workout. Additionally, they come in varying degrees or pounds. Furthermore, they are incredibly portable, accessible, can be effectively used everywhere, is easy to store, and are selling from $10-$15.

Pull-up Bar

Easy to install and remove, pull-up bars easily replace the ones found at gyms by offering the same results you would get as if you were there. The only difference is that its in the middle of your doorway! The most popular pull-up bar that is known to be incredibly useful and least space-consuming is Pull-up-barthe Iron Gym pull-up bar. It is incredibly cheap at only $24.99, found at most sports and retailer stores; it’s effortless to assemble has three grip  options and will get you a toned back in no time!


Your mini-gym wouldn’t be complete without a small set of dumbbells and kettlebells. These weights are vital because they are implemented in most Dumbbellsworkouts.  KettlebellsThe price varies depending on the brand, where you buy them, and how heavy they are. Although, with coronavirus spreading like wildfire, many have been sold out and scarce within sports-related stores like Dicks Sporting Goods. Thankfully, many retail stores like Target and Walmart are selling these weights available from 2-20 pounds, and the price ranges from $4-$25.

Mini Elliptical

Are you missing the elliptical? Well, get yourself a mini version that’s cheaper, lightweight, movable, and a great place to store in small spaces. The mini elliptical is unintrusive, quiet, and still offers effective cardio within a compact space. Likewise, a bonus that comes with this mini innovation is the adjustable resistance. Price= $85-$120

Exercise/Yoga Mat

Working out on the bare floor is uncomfortable and harsh on the body and skin. A yoga mat will solve just that problem! Exercise and yoga mats offer Yoga-Matcomfortable cushioning for the body and install non-slip material, which will leave you feeling stabilized and complacent. Price ranges from $15-$30

Yoga Block

A yoga block is a smooth block of wood, hard foam, rubber, and cork and is used as a prop in yoga to help you get into more difficult positions. They help stabilize and support the back, head, and hips. Price= $8-$10


GluGlute-Bandste Bands

Made of thick non-slip fabric, glute bands are constructed and designed to add resistance to your leg and glute workouts. Glute-BandThere are    different levels of resistance to choose from, and all you need to do is slip it across your legs and hips while doing any leg related workout like weighted squats, glute bridges, hip thrusts, and more! Price ranges from $10-$30.

 Ankle Weights

Used in various types of isolated exercises, ankle weights are used to modify many workouts to increase weight and resistance. Most people start with half a pound on each ankle, and as they build strength, Ankle-Weights add more. Many people go up to ankle weights as massive as five pounds on each ankle. It doesn’t sound like much, but once you implement them within all your workouts, you’ll start yo notice just how much a little weight an affect the way you move. Ankle weights can be found in most retail stores or be purchased on Amazon for $10-$30.

Medicine Ball

Medicine-BallWant to add even more weight to your workouts? Medicine balls give you a more creative way to do that by adding weight within your ab workouts. Mainly used when doing Russian twists or crushes, the inside of medicine balls are filled with sand while the outside has a versatile and grippable material. The weight varies depending on how much a person can handle. It can be purchased online or at a sports retail store, usually selling for $30 or more.

Pilates Ring

Designed with padded foam handles and soft rubber, pilate rings are resistant rings that allow you to do an array of different exercises for your legs, waist, and upper body. The constant movements and pressure that you exert help slim down and firm your body in deep targeted action. Pilates ring can be purchased online for $20-$30.

Core Slides

If you think planks are hard, you wouldn’t be able to handle planks with sliders. Core slides are used to modify and increase difficulty mainly within ab workouts. The slippery surface beneath the slider causes great discomfort within the abdominal but strengthens and forces your abs to stabilize, control, and engage with your core even more. Additionally, they are very lightweight, portable, cheap, and can be found in any fitness store or online. The price ranges from $10-$20.


Push-up Stands

Don’t have access to a bench press? No problem! One of the best ways to get a good chest workout is by using Push-up Stands. The push-up stands force your body to go even lower into the push-up, which ends up working out more of your triceps, pecs, and shoulders. They can be easily bought at any store like Walmart or online, and the price ranges from $25-$30.


Ab Roller/Wheel

Ab-RollerPlanks aren’t the only thing that will tighten your core! Though difficult to master, ab wheels strengthen and tighten deep ab muscles within your core and your obliques.  Most ab wheels have built-in resistance and can roll in any direction. Ab rollers can be purchased on Amazon for $25-$30.

Foam roller

After all the wear and tear from all the exercises, it’s now time to recover! When your muscles and joints are tightened up, it’s vital to get proper rest and stretch them all out. Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release technique that helps relieve muscle soreness, inflammation, tightness, and increase joint range of motion. Foam rolling relieves your pain by applying pressure as it massages. They are reasonably cheap, ranging from $10-$15 and can be purchased online or at any sports store.


 No Excuses!

Altogether, there are many athletic equipment and gear that I’ve mentioned thus far to help replace the gyms that have been closed down and replicate one within the space of your home. Most of the equipment is small, portable, attainable, and can easily be hidden and put away without any disturbances. Applying these resources to your daily workouts will assist you in excelling and achieving all your fitness goals.




4 thoughts on “Gear for Home Fitness- Attainable Resources to Amplify your Results

  1. Tom says:


    I am so pleased I came across your article. If there is one or two, or three, or even four things I am in need of it is fitness gear for home workouts.

    With being in lockdown and the gyms being closed, I am still yet to get myself into gear and workout from home. I need the gear but I also need the motivation. I am hoping that reading your articles that I can motivate myself and make a good start on getting back into shape.

    I will let you know how I get on with my home workouts and if I need any help or advice then I will get in touch.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Aminah says:

      This comment made my day! I’m so happy that my article motivated you to buy fitness gear for your home workouts. With this virus interrupting our whole lives its important to keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy and working out does just that.These gear for home workouts forces your body to work out even harder, but at the same time you receive and see results much faster. Please do tell me if you ever need any help. I appreciate you going out of you way to read this blog post.

      Best regards,


  2. Habib says:

    Definitely there are no excuses on not doing your fitness regime after looking at your extensive list of equipment on exercising at home! We now have the time at home as well.

    I am new to some of the equipment you mentioned in this post, will definitely look into it further.

    Many thanks

    1. Aminah says:

      Exactly, there are no excuses for people to not workout especially during quarantine! I appreciate it and I’m glad that you learned about some new equipment.

      Best Regards


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