Smartwatch Health Benefits-Why You Should Invest In This Gadget

The world has come a long and impressive way with technology. The big computer screens that took up so much space and the telephone lines that people used to communicate with way back when are now converted into a small piece of technology that’s wearable on your wrist. Smartwatches have revolutionized the entire world. Not only is it a watch, but its extension of a smartphone. With the constant creations of new innovations, smartwatches are frequently being upgraded and changed, adding more comfort and assistance to your everyday lives.

What Exactly is a Smartwatch?

According to the textbook definition, a smartwatch is a wearable computer and phone in the form of a watch; modern smartwatches provide a local and portable touchscreen interface for daily use while a smartphone provides management and telemetry.

Advantages of having a smartwatch

Connected to your phone: The newest smartwatches are all synced up with your phone and can relatively perform all the same functions as it. And if you leave your phone at home, you needn’t worry. You’ll still receive all your notifications and calls. Some smartwatches used to only stay connected depending on the distance of your phone to it, but with the newer versions, you’ll always stay connected no matter how far you are.

Receive calls/never miss a call: Are you always missing your calls, or are you forgetful with your phone? Well, with a smartwatch constantly attached to  your body, you’ll receive all the calls that go to your phone, making it impossible to miss. It will act as a lasting reminder, or it may even annoy as it continues to buzz.

Call Smart Watch

Reply to messages: All smartwatches are connected to your phone and receive all the same notifications, as I said. If you’re not near your phone and you receive a message, you can quickly reply by using your watch. This takes up less time and is more efficient.

Check emails: If you’re busy and have many emails that you need check, you can merely look down at your wrist, tap the screen, and voila! You can take a quick glance at the screen and quickly read all the essential emails right then and there.

Alarm Clock: Many smartwatches have an alarm function that’s separate from your phone. They have built-in speakers and vibrators that will cause you to wake up.

Find My iPhone: Oh no, you lost your phone! Well, don’t worry, your smartwatch is here to save the day! The watch is already connected to your phone, and just like how Apple has my find my iPhone, these watches have trackers and alarms that will alert your phone even if it’s on silent making it easier and more effective to see in no time!

Longer battery life: I know to most people battery life is a significant factor with all technology they own. Unlike a phone that dies in six hours, smartwatches can last up to 1-2 days without being charged.


It’s a mobile wallet: Left your wallet at home? Well, don’t freak out just yet. Softwares like Apple pay, Google pay, Samsung pay, Garmit pay, and Fitbit pay allows you to make mobile transactions not only from your phone but from your watch. I know that’s freaking amazing! Another plus is that you won’t have to worry about anyone robbing you. Even if they steal your watch, they can’t access anything without a password.

Navigation/GPS: It’s incredible, right! There’s now a navigation feature or app that you can download and use on your watch. Like the Apple watch, the GPS’s have maps that show you all the directions of where you want to go. They also notify you when to turn right or left by vibrating and showing you arrows on the screen. As someone whose horrible at directions, this is one of the best features the smartwatch has. If you don’t know where you’re going or get lost, the watch will merely redirect you. This is especially helpful as well if you’re tourists.

Thermometers: Why would a watch ave a thermometer? Well, why not! Its an extra feature to have if you want to check the temperature outside or on yourself.

How can it improve your health

Monitors your sleep and quality: According to the CDC, one in three adults in the United States don’t get enough sleep each night. Lack of sleep can cause many adverse effects on your health, and the longevity of your life can slowly decrease if this sleep pattern continues. Luckily for you, when worn at night, smartwatches monitor and track your sleep pattern. This will them tell you data of how many hours of sleep you’re receiving, the number of times you woke up and were interrupted and the quality of your sleep. This is super beneficial to be aware of because many times, people will get 8 hours of sleep and still feel exhausted. Knowing these statics will help you identify the root problem and motivate you to set goals to improve and fix them.

Workout reminders: If hitting the gym is a hard task for you to complete and make a daily habit, them using a smartwatch may be just the thing that will help you get off your butt and exercise. A reminder on a smartwatch is much for efficient and harder to avoid then on a phone. This is because it will continuously vibrate on your wrist, informing you to workout. Additionally, if the watch realizes you haven’t done any physical activities in a while, it will notify you to move.

Timers: Although this isn’t a new feature for any watch at all, it’s an advantage to have, especially if you’re a sprinter or swimmer. It’s also easier to see on a screen.

Includes fitness apps: Smartwatches can also download apps just like smartphones. With so many unlimited features, you can download apps that will help you in your journeys to achieve all your fitness and health goals.

Activity features: Many watches are known for their multisport features, which allows them to get accurate data of all your physical activities. They have a walking, running, swimming, cycling, and even a weightlifting modes to use when performing these activities.

Shows your health stats: Smartwatches are great and reliable fitness trackers. They track your movements and the rotation of them by using an accelerometer and a gyroscope. Not only do they follow your movements and steps, but they can input your daily calorie intake and track your heart rate. These stats can help you see what you need to improve on or help you identify an ongoing problem like abnormal heart beat rhythms. Heart rate algorithms on smartwatches are incredibly dependable and accurate because of their upgraded processors, which provides a superior ECG feature.

Heart rate Smartwatch

Manage Stress levels: Stress can affect people in several ways. High levels of stress can psychologically negatively affect many people, causing thoughts of loneliness and suicide and an increase in anxiety and depression. Too much stress can also cause high blood pressure or even blood clots in your brain. If you’re someone who suffers from a lot of stress and wants to fix it, then the first step is to measure how high your stress level is. Smartwatches have features that can easily measure and track your stress and hormone levels. If your levels are too high, your smartwatch will send you a  reminder that tells you to relax. Knowing this can help you pinpoint of causes of your stress, which in the end will help you fix those problems.

Data syncing: After tracking all of your stats, they all automatically sync to your phone, allowing you to see all the data analysis of your body at once.

What is a reasonable price!

I know I talked about the many cool features that smartwatches have. However, the price of any smartwatch depends on how new it is and the upgraded features it offers. All smartwatches differentiate and have different and more or fewer features than the other. The latest and improve smartwatches that include all the features you could ever have, can cost up to $250-$520. I know it can get pretty pricey. However, if you want one with the standard regular features, they cost around $85-$230.

Time to buy a smartwatch!

I know that price can affect your decision to purchase these watches. However, these watches are a long-lasting investment that will honestly improve, enhance, and refine your life.  In the end, a smartwatch is not only there to help, but to motivate you. It acts as a reminder of the things you need to improve on to have a happier and healthier life.

6 thoughts on “Smartwatch Health Benefits-Why You Should Invest In This Gadget

  1. Katrina says:


    I bought the smart watch as soon as it came out actually. My husband and I don’t use the Apple versions, but rather the Samsung versions. I will say, this was a must have gadget for working out.
    It tracked my progress, the amount of calories I would burn, the steps I took, the amount of water consumed, everything.

    They’re also nice to have to track your steps, even if you’re not going to a gym. I often would track how many steps I would take when I was at work, and always strived for more than 10K steps.

    Everyone that I’ve known that’s had a smart watch, they love it and use it all the time, especially working out.

    Great article! Definitely a great gadget to have!


  2. Habib says:

    after reading the smartwatch health benefits, I think I need one of these too! I have seen people wearing a smart watch but never thought it had that many amazing health benefits, as well as it could replace your phone, pedometer, reminder, alarm clock, sleep, GPS, stress detector and so on.

    I just wanted to ask how quiet are the vibration and sound of the alarm clock of it? It just I have been looking for an alarm clock that is loud enough to wake me up but quiet enough to not disturb my other half, lol.


    1. Aminah says:

      You should definitely invest in one! The vibration of the watch is equivalent to the vibrations that emit from your phone. To my knowledge, The sounds on the watch aren’t very loud. It probably wont wake anyone up and if you’re a deep sleeper, it may not even wake you up. I recommend using this alarm feature if you’re a light sleeper. I hope this helps.

  3. Ceci says:

    Hello Aminah,

    Thanks for this educative post on all the wonders of a smartphone – and written in language that we can all understand rather than the “specs”the guy in the store reels out at you trying to impress with its capabilities!

    Now I really know that one of the things I want for Christmas is a high end s.martwatch – to add to my enormous number of other watches. Why not?


  4. Subhana says:

    Great article. I’ve always contemplated on buying a smartwatch, but after reading this and seeing all the benefits it offers, I’ll definitely be buying one soon!


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