Weight Training Apparel-Get to Know the Basics

When people weight train, they assume that it’s just picking up a load and squatting. What they don’t realize is that there are so many aspects that come with weight training itself. Not only does it require practice to get the form and build muscle, but it’s also vital to wear and have the correct apparel. The attire and accessories that you choose to wear all affect your training and recovery.

I know I may sound overwhelming, but weight training can be hazardous, especially if you do it often. It puts a lot of strain on your muscles and can cause pain, but there are ways to inhibit a speedy recovery. First off, the clothes you wear have a significant effect on your training. It can either aid you or restrain you. Secondly, the accessories and gadgets you use can significantly help your form and prevent injuries from occurring. Lastly, there are many things to be aware of to avoid weight training.      barbell-weightlifting

 Get dressed for the part 

There is not a specific style that’s required; however, the material used in your clothes can influence your body and training. The most common type of content that clothes use in tops are micro-nylon fibers, synthetic material, and polyester. These materials regulate your body temperature, absorbs your sweat while at the same keeping you fresh and dry, breathable, and is soft on your skin.

Though these materials are excellent, there’s one downside. Due to the material being too soft, the bar you’re holding is more likely to slip. Some companies sell powerlifting shirts with actual grip on them, but they’re relatively expensive. The cheapest and most efficient way to avoid slips is by getting gloves.

For bottoms, wear compression shorts, joggers, or tights to keep all your muscles intact. However, that doesn’t mean to wear something super tight that restricts movement or something super loose that’ll get in the way and hook onto the equipment either. Compression shorts, tights, and joggers are clothes specially made for weight lifting to protect you from strains and equip you with more support. They also assist in fast recoveries and enhance your performance. The most common material used is spandex, polypropylene, and polyester. They allow for more stable movement, which will improve your form and prevent injuries.

The correct shoes are the most crucial aspect when it comes to weight training. It’s critical to have a balanced center of gravity specifically on the mid-foot, especially when the weights get more substantial. Liftings shoes have hard and flat bottoms. Fitness-shoesWith that, they also have elevated that allow you to go deeper int your squats, but also maintain your balance. The sides of your shoes shouldn’t be too tight either because when weight lifting, your ankles tend to swell up a little, so its good to have space for your ankles to breathe.

Gadgets for training/recovery 

Wrists straps: Provide support for the wrists when doing any press of just holding the bar in general. Very helpful for people who have arthritis or tendinitis because it provides extra stability and protection to keep all the ligaments and muscles intact. You can also adjust the tightness on the wrist strap, depending on how much assistance you need.

Pull straps: They are straps that you wrap around the wrists or arms, and you wear when the weight and workout you’re trying to attempt is too heavy to grasp. It’s especially helpful when doing exercises like deadlifts and pullups when you’re body is exhausted and wants to give out.

Baseball/Lacrosse balls: Your muscles tend to tighten up a lot after weighted workouts and can be very uncomfortable for the body to endure. If there’s a particular spot that you want to roll out that’s very deep, baseball balls will do just the trick. It’s cheap, and you’re the controller. All you do is roll the ball on the tightened are, and all the muscles will relax and loosen.

Foam Roller: Weightlifting creates knots and a lot of stress on your muscles. The foam roller acts as if it were a deep tissue massage rolling out all your knots and by releasing tension in your body. It is relatively cheap, light-weighted, portable, and efficient.

Theragun: a message device that looks like a power drill, but is created to relive tighten muscles and pain after an excruciating workout. It acts as a deep tissue massage therapy that relieves soreness and pain. This gun is estimated to reach 60% deeper into muscle than the average massager. Though it’s pricy, it has been found effective by trainers, athletes, celebrities, physical therapists and chiropractors. It provides instant relief from pain and is a great investment to look into.

Gadgets for serious weight training

Knee Sleeves: Are used when people squat heavy to added support and protection. It stabilizes your knees by keeping them in place during the squat and by keeping them warm

Deadlift slippers/shoes: Provides an excellent grip on the ground and increases your range of motion. Mainly used by weight lifting competitors.

Wrists wrap: Increases your comfort and mobility. It provides stability, protection, and prevents serious injuries.

Weight lifting gloves: Reduces friction between the bar and your hand and protects it from hand blisters.

Weightlifting belts: Reduce the risk of injury, tightens, and activates your core muscles, increase stability, and improves performance. The belt naturally tightens the abdominal area, initially providing an amour and generating smoother movement.

Weight lifting socks: Protects the bar hitting your shins. and very comfortable to wear.


Things to avoid 

Baggy clothes: You want to avoid anything loose or too lose because it’ll get stuck in the equipment and will most likely result in a severe injury. Also, its extremely uncomfortable due

Worn out shoes: Never wear worn-out shoes ever! Especially when you’re dealing with weights, it’s essential to have the most protective and stable shoes you can get. You need the balance to perform at your utmost best and to avoid injury.

Anything made out of cotton: Try your best never to wear cotton to any workout. It’s uncomfortable, will leave you sweaty for hours, and creates chafing.

Ready set lift!

While weightlifting is a very productive activity, it can often be hazardous if one doesn’t make proper preparations. Wearing the right apparel as well as using appropriate techniques can make your exercise experience that much better, just so long as you stick to the advice above, even if it seems extra. Using the information provided along with committing to your weightlifting goals, you’ll see an exponential gain in your results now and in the long run!

8 thoughts on “Weight Training Apparel-Get to Know the Basics

  1. Daredviper says:

    Nice post. I too use a foam roller and a massage gun for my recovery. Its amazing how much quicker you can recover using these.

    Its a war zone at all those gyms around the world, so you do need to take care with what you wear also.

    Do you recommend any brands in particular to train in?

    1. Aminah says:

      Yes, I love the Theragun. I work out and weight train a lot and when I found out about the theragun I fell in love with it. I know Nike has great weight training clothes and theres many companies that sell shirts made out of stretch material that acts as a grip when weight training so that the bar doesn’t slip. One of these companies are called A7 International.

  2. Nadine Leddy says:

    Very relevant post! I hope people who are considering weight training read your post, I don’t, but my cousin does. She went into it starting at home with no idea what she was doing and not proper clothing and equipment to protect her body. She ended up doing a lot of damage to herself and required rest, after she was better, she joined a gym and followed the advise of experts.

  3. Yahya says:

    great post!didn’t know the type of clothes that i wear could affect my training.thanks for sharing this knowledge with me.

  4. Rani says:

    I feel super motivated reading your post. You’ve shared some very important information here about weight lifting. Being a girl, I’ve always felt not as physically strong enough to weight lift, but now, nothing is going to stop me once I got the basics sorted.

    Thank you!


    1. Aminah says:

      Never let anything stop you from what you want to do. This makes me so happy that you’re motivated to weight lift. I used to feel the same being a girl as well, but now that I know what I’m doing, I feel unstoppable.


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