Women’s Running Tights-Here’s The Rundown

As a runner, there are many reasons why one would prefer running tights over shorts. They may not be essential, but many find it to be a valuable piece of equipment. First off, they love the smooth, compressive structure of running tights. As opposed to loosely fitted shorts, running tights fit soundly around the body, which prevents chafing and ensures that your muscles are warm and are tightly fitted together. With this, another advantage is the material running tights are manufactured with. The material is what creates the compressive nature and is what stretches over the body.

And as women, sometimes we might struggle to find the perfect style, fit, size, length, and materials that complement and accentuate our bodies the way we want it to. Right when your skin touches the cloth, you’ll want your legs and body to feel comfortable, motivated, excited, and activated for the next run. If you wish to find out the different criteria about running tights that will make you feel like you, keep reading!

Why Running Tights?

Many runners prefer running tights because of the way it tightly fits around their legs, unlike clothing like shorts and sweatpants that fit loosely, which makes the body more vulnerable to chafing when running. Chafing occurs when the fabric of your dress rubs against your skin, irritating. As a result of tights being fitted, you’ll never have to worry about chafing.

Additionally, compression garments like tights are said to enhance the overall performance of runners by improving their exertion and endurance. The fitted nature of tights takes away any outside factor like the extra weight of loose clothes that affect your performance, permitting your body to run faster, longer, and even recover quickly, which reduces your risk of delayed onset muscle soreness.

Another advantage for runners who compete is how running tights create a streamline preventing and minimizing drags during races. It may surprise many of you, but loosely fitted clothes can hinder a runner performance by catching pockets of wind, which will make you more susceptible to dragging when racing. This will then hold you back, making you exhaust and expend even more energy, which can be frightening for a runner as every second count in a race.

Lastly, when running, you want to feel as comfortable as you possibly can. There’s a wide variety of different running tights that you can purchase from several brands to help you figure out what makes you feel the most confident. As a girl in this society, it’s essential to love our bodies, especially when you work hard for it. The tights you wear can boost your confidence as it accentuates your curves and body the way you want it to.

Different Lengths And Styles

Many running tight styles differentiate depending on the season, temperature, and body type. There are many types of lengths; however, the most commonly worn ones are Capri length, full length and knee-length, 3/4 length, and 7/8 length.


Capri Length: These tights stretch to your mid-calf and are worn for runners who seek mild protection from hot or cold temps.

Full Length: Offers complete coverage of the legs and are commonly manufactured with heavier material to provide full warmth during the winter, but still feels lightweight when running.

Knee Length: Knee-length tights extend right above the knee and are typically worn in mild, chilly, or hot temperatures.

3/4 Length: Similar to Capri length, but it is a little longer, these tights give your legs a complimentary and flattering shape.

7/8 Length: Leggings that have an inseam that is 1/8 shorter than the full-length tights. Neither making it too long or short,

7/8 leggings reach right above your ankle. As a result, these leggings give off an optical illusion which elongates your height, making your legs look longer and slimmer.

Remember, depending on what suits you and your body the most, you get to decide which length you’re most comfortable running regardless of the weather and temperature.

Additionally, the style of tights depends on the manufacturer and the brand itself. Many brands create their style of tights and leggings based on their theme and audience. This gives you, the consumer, a wide variety of choices to choose from based on the color you like, print, and other Criteria you have on your list.

What Types Of Materials

When purchasing running tights, be sure to always look at what fabric they are manufactured from. There are a few criteria that you should be aware of. The material they’re created from should always be lightweight, compressive, breathable, durable, anti-chafing, have anti-microbial properties, have long longevity, and should not shrink in the dryer. Be sure that the tights aren’t made with only one material, but rather is mixed with others.

Fabric that achieves these criteria are


-Synthetic fibers



-Polypropylene: This synthetic material is entirely water-resistant and forces the moisture of your sweat to pass through its fibers, discharging it to the surface, allowing it to evaporate. As well as being water-resistant, polypropylene is also stain resistant. “Oh no!” you spilled your drink all over your pants, no need to fret; you can easily wipe it off and clean it without leaving a mark.

-Nylon: If it’s entirely made of Nylon, be sure not to dry them too often or dry them on a low setting

-Dri-Fit: Is a high-quality fabric that’s created by the brand Nike. It’s a technology that will help you stay dry and comfortable

Best Brands To Purchase From

All these brands offer and carry high-quality workout gear explicitly designed to meet your fitness needs. There’s no specific rank as that can differ depending on the person’s personal preference.




Lulu lemon



Get Running!

I hope that this post makes you feel more comfortable about purchasing running tights. There are many factors and features that are implemented into running tights, which can enhance your overall performance. I hope that you can use this as a preference in the future and if you have any tips, comments, or questions, please leave them below!

6 thoughts on “Women’s Running Tights-Here’s The Rundown

  1. Habib says:

    Hi Aminah,

    You have written a well informed article about the running tights for women. I never knew if there of any specific tight for running. They are a good and comfortable material too.

    They seem to be just right for my wife as a gift for her birthday next.

    Thank you for the recommendation.

  2. Tom says:

    Hey Aminah,

    This is a great article and I’m so pleased that I came across this. I have found one of this year’s Christmas presents for my girlfriend. She is a runner and often complains about her running attire. These running tights sound a lot more reliable, and aren’t too expensive for when she needs to buy more.

    I will let you know what my girlfriend thinks of these when I give them to her at Christmas. I’m pretty sure she will love them.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Aminah says:

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post of mine! I, too, am a runner, and let me tell you from experience, your attire is key to feeling more confident. Confidence affects everything you do you, and when you feel like your true self, you’ll feel unstoppable. I hope your girlfriend loves her present. Let me know what she thinks!

  3. Jason says:

    A good brief read Aminah. My wife is a big fan of the full length tights and also has a couple of compression pairs which really seem to help her in terms of muscle fatigue. In fact I also wear the men’s version as well so not just for the ladies I guess.

    All the best – Jason.

    1. Aminah says:

      Of course, it’s not just for the ladies, and I recommend any type of compression clothing that for anyone who has muscle fatigues.


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