Yoga Essentials and Necessities-For your Comfort and Mobility

Yoga is a soothing yet body strengthening exercise that requires the correct apparel to perform at your utmost potential. Many don’t understand that there is a difference in athletic apparel that is built for specific physical activities to help them perform better in their exercises. Though it may not seem important, the athletic apparel you wear for your exercises does heavily influence your performance, especially in yoga due to all the different contorted positions.

The main necessities to know for yoga apparel are the tops and bottoms. Firstly, you must know what material is being used in your yoga clothes because they can either help or restrain your athletic performance. Secondly, there are a few things people should avoid in their yoga attire. Lastly, though not a necessity, some accessories can assist you during the exercises to enhance your workout.

Yoga Position

Yoga Tops

Yoga involves many stretches, uncomfortable positions and in most cases, the temperature is a lot higher which is why it’s vital to wear the most comfortable yet beneficial clothing to help you. Most women wear tank tops, a regular athletic shirt or just a sports bra. Many men also wear tanks, shirts or muscle tees. You want to make sure that your clothes aren’t super loose or else they’ll fall off, get in the way of your face and distract you during the exercises. However, you don’t want to wear something super restrictive either that will prevent you from executing the positions. Try to find something that has both aspects like  moisture-absorbitive material and soft seams to keep you comfortable through the class.

Women’s Yoga outfit

Like I said before, the material used within your yoga clothes can affect your performance negatively or positively. Your yoga clothes should be made out of synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and X-STATIC. Polyester is great for yoga tops because it’s lightweight, durable, breathable, wrinkle-resistant and nonabsorbent which means the sweat and moisture on your skin aren’t absorbed into your clothes but evaporates. Nylon like polyester, is breathable, soft as silk, is known for drying quickly and wicks sweat away. Polypropylene is similar to polyester in the way that it’s also made from plastic, but different due to its water-resistant features. This material is great because it forces the moisture in your body to pass through its fibers yet expels the sweat to the surface of the fabric so it can evaporate. Polypropylene is especially great for Hot yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and many more because you’re likely to sweat more than usual and this material will help absorb all the moisture you’ve secreted.

Yoga Bottoms

When selecting yoga bottoms, it’s important to select what style and length fit best for you depending on the environment you’re practicing on and what type of yoga class you’re doing. Whether you like to wear long pants, shorts or Capri is all in the matter of your preferences, however, many who practice hot yoga tend to wear less in their heated studios. Nonetheless, the most essential aspects of yoga bottoms should be that it’s breathable, comfortable and flexible.

Yoga leggings/pants vary in many lengths depending on people’s preference, but the main things to look for are that they’re made up of Nylon-microfiber, polyester, and spandex. Spandex is great for leggings because the material is highly flexible, wicks away sweat, compressive yet at the same time breathable. These materials are highly recommended because they move with you through the postures. If you’re concerned with the coverage when stretching or bending, high waisted pants or leggings may be the best choice. They’re most likely not going to slip in a position that has a lot of bending. Another aspect to consider having your yoga pants is something called gussets. Gussets are a diamond or triangular shape sewn into the crotch which alleviates the pressure point at the seams. This helps diffuse the stress around the seams of the crotch.

Lastly, when it comes to yoga shorts, many brands make men’s shorts with built-in liners to aid in stretchy or bendy practices. However, with women, yoga shorts are typically made with spandex which is great for absorbing sweat and moving smoothly through positions, but they do tend to lift and don’t have as much coverage as other bottoms. So, many wear shorts that are at least knee-length to not deal with the embarrassing problems that may occur.

What to Avoid in Yoga Clothes

Though many yoga apparels are made out of cotton, professionals always recommend to never wear cotton during any physical activities. Cotton is prone to fading, creates chafing, not very moisture absorbing, not as breathable as the other synthetic materials, creates piling, doesn’t dry quickly at all, and will leave you feeling wet and icky for long periods of time. If you don’t know what piling is, it’s when a small ball of fiber (pill) appears stuck to the fabric of your clothes. It’s formed by the inner thighs rubbing against each other which causes the fibers in the material to lose friction which then creates the small balls on the material. The balls (pills) have an anchor that holds them to the material making yoga pants look old and damaged even if they’re rather new. However, synthetic fibers are firm and durable which can increase the longevity of your pants.

Extra Yoga Accessories

Yoga Gloves: Though not used very often, yoga gloves provide comfort and traction while performing yoga poses. The skid-proof palms prevent you from slipping in strenuous positions and provides better gripping power. it’s a great investment to look into because useful and inexpensive.

Yoga socks: They are inexpensive, have the same qualities as yoga gloves, and will prevent you from slipping off your mat especially in high-intensity classes.

Towel: Yoga classes can get very sweaty so it’s great to have a towel so wipe all your sweat. You can also put your towel on a mat for more gripping power if you dislike yoga gloves and socks.

Yoga Mat: Although many yoga classes provide yoga mats it’s great to have your own for hygienic reasons. You can also get a higher quality one that’s made out of vinyl or rubber that will provide more gripping power it won’t wear out as fast.

Yoga strap/bag: It can get annoying always carry your yoga mat with your other accessories, so it’s great to invest in a yoga strap. It prevents the mat from unraveling and makes it easier to move around.

You’re Now Ready For a Yoga Class

Hopefully, this information will guide and help you to make the best choices for your yoga attire. It’s not as simple as one may expect, but you’ll come to see it has drastic effects on your results. Utilizing both proper attire as well as different accessories and avoiding certain things that have the potential to mess up your exercise, and just like that, your yoga experience will be pushed to new limits!

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  1. Bob Hernandez says:

    I must admit that yoga pants are a blessing from above. my wife looks great when she’s dressed to work out or occasionally she wears her yoga gear to run errands. They’re obviously comfortable as heck since they’re intended for yoga.Would like to see some recommendations on examples of what to buy

    1. admin says:

      I’m happy that your wife sees the benefits of the correct yoga apparel! I mentioned all the materials yoga clothes should include in my blog post, but I would get yoga shorts, pants, muscle tanks, and shirts all made from synthetic fibers for men.

  2. Sammi says:

    Love it! I didn’t realize there were that many yoga accessories and how important they are. Thanks for sharing this with us! Would be a great gift for so many people right now to de-stress at home during isolation. Becoming more and more popular these days too, so many people are into it.

    1. Aminah says:

      Yes exactly, more and more people are learning about how useful yoga apparel is. People are also constantly coming out with innovative products to help grasp the whole experience with yoga. And Thank you so much for the support! (:

  3. Jeff says:

    You have provided me pretty much everything I need to start yoga, I am diagnosed with autoimmune disease and yoga was recommended as the perfect exercise program for me. Are there any social prompts I would need or could use to make getting started easier for me, and I do thank you for this post it gives me a good start shopping for my yoga apparel


  4. Rani says:

    You’ve given an extensive list for all the yoga necessities. Very helpful post. I will come back to it when I am ready to start my yoga class again after the pandemic.

    Many Thanks for this useful information.


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